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for a sample of Cosmic Consciousness.

Outline of the page:

  • Sample interview questions 

  • Some 5-star review excerpts from The Amazon store

  • The fiction behind it all. 

  • The melding of spiritual and scientific fact.

  •  Quick bio of Mike Longmeadow 

Sample interview questions:

  1. In 60 seconds, what is Cosmic Consciousness about?

  2. You try to meld spiritual and scientific fact together, why?

  3. Tell us about the main character, Engella Iblis. Why did you choose a female character as lead?

  4. In the book, you speak of corporate conglomerates controlling more and more aspects of our lives. Is the book a reflection of the society we have become?

  5. The book reveals the existence of the collective unconscious, which speaks to us through our dreams. Tell us more.

  6. What would be the cost of having our lives controlled, wouldn’t it simplify things?

  7. You’ve created a dream universe around Carl Jung and Carlos Castaneda’s vision, tell us more.

  8. Not many authors have explored this road in the guise of an adventure. It often is presented under more esoteric views. Why choose this path?

  9. You don’t really suggest any path to follow as each character follows their own evolution, how do you expect your message will be interpreted?

  10. Where do you see this book going? A trilogy, a movie, etc.?


If you want the questions in PDF form,

Some 5-star review excerpts from The Amazon store:

"I always love a story that leaves me pondering the truth as we currently perceive it. This book is cleverly crafted and an enlightening read." 

"This book was a thrill ride. It is a creative read with compelling characters and storyline." 

"What an evocative way to bring the reality of our consumptive world into a work of fiction that seeks to bring order to the chaos."


The fiction behind it all: 

The collective unconscious is a scientific concept brought forward by Carl Gustav Jung and Wolfgang Pauli which states that the earth is wrapped in an energy field that connects with our subconscious. Contained in it is the knowledge that will carry humanity to its next level of evolution. Another theory states that humans are infected beings, a single strand of DNA attesting to a mega parasite infection billions of years ago. Cosmic Consciousness is the collision of these two theories.

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Supported by a diverse cast, the book explores the idea that our freewill and self awareness are intimately related to understanding every aspect of our soul. That by learning to Love everything about our soul, our mind, we can achieve anything, become aware of our emotions, accepting them and loving them. It contends that we must learn to love both the light and the dark that resides in our soul.

The melding of spiritual and scientific fact.



The science

  • With the emergence of particle physics, many new paths have been opened in the scientific community. But one main problem is the fact scientists are unable to see beyond the mathematical equation. (include link https://www.iflscience.com/physics/greatest-mysteries-physics/)

  • Practical physics has yet to reproduce the experiments that would confirm the various theories evoked by quantum mechanics. Some breakthroughs have been made (the Higgs boson, neutrinos, black hole theories) which confirms the need to pursue this avenue. (include link https://home.cern/science/accelerators/large-hadron-collider).

  • New cognitive reasoning is needed to advance further in this field. (Expose the notion of the entrenchment of ideas with links to scientific community in fighting and precocious announcements of not yet confirmed discoveries to help secure funding).


The spirituality

Michel from instagram.jpg

Mike Longmeadow is an author fascinated by the invisible realities that permeate our lives. His mission is to bring the joy of enchantment back by way of metaphysical adventures. He abides by the principle all knowledge is malleable if we keep our minds open. That science is spiritual, and spirituality is scientific. He builds his metaphysical adventures by taking fantasy or sci-fi elements and placing them in today’s world. His main hope is to coax his readers to look at life from different perspectives to widen their scope of what surrounds us.